Sorogan and Bandongan as the literature of Islamic Boarding School Education

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There are some methods of learning in Islamic boarding school education. Such as sorogan and bandongan. Many people do not know about these terms. But for Islamic student certainly familiar about these. These methods have been used by many Islamic Boarding Schools in purpose to increase the quality of Islamic Student in understanding kitab content, including classic kitab that difficult to comprehend the context. For example classic kitab without harakat. To find the meaning of that kitab we need Islamic teacher or kiayi who expert it.

Dr. Hasani Ahmad Said, M.A explained the definition of sorogan which has meaning the individual learning process that Islamic student face to face with Islamic teacher or kiayi. Then, made interaction and encourage each other. Different from sorogan, the meaning of bandongan is learning together by the group which followed by all of Islamic student with Islamic teacher or kiayi. A Islamic teacher or kiayi reciting kitab at certain time, Islamic student listen, scrutinize thst kiayis reading, and write down the important note in their kitab. Both of these method still exist and implement in Islamic boarding school especially traditional Islamic boarding school.

The learning method in Islamic boarding school is proven that has effectivity and high signification to reach the result of learning. By using these methods, the Islamic student have been guided seriously in mastering the material. There are several Islamic school who do not understand when learn through bandongan learning and blush for asking they can ask by sorogan method. By sorogan method Islamic student can ask free and ease without feel cheap with other Islamic student because of this method more intensive and individual.

Civilizing sorogan and bandongan in education, especially in Islamic boarding school domain assumed effective in produce successful output with the competent human resource. As like Aldy Mirzas resource in Salafiyah Islamic boarding school Sladi Kejayan said that a Islamic student or kiayi they have an active role in sorogan and bandongan method. It is mean, in the other side they give materal and they also give the guidance and attention for Islamic student who do not catch the lesson well by sorogan and bandongan method. Implementation sorogan and bandongan method include learning activity as Islamic teacher guide Islamic student that match with material.

Eventually, in learning process indispensable the effectively interaction between educator and educated for creator of the goal learning. Bandongan and sorogan can be alternative way in general that applicable in every education institution as have been in Islamic boarding school. (Fauzia/j)

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