Being Intellectual Through Islamic Boarding School

Islamic boarding school contains the original Indonesia

Santri will be discuss in the Lirboyo Islamic Boarding Shcool (

Santri will be discuss in the Lirboyo Islamic Boarding Shcool (

Islamic boarding school is a place which is always interesting to investigate. The investigation is from the institution context, or behavior of Islamic student, and all their prominent figures life. They along with social change and modernity in all fields, for example modernity in education. Certainly it will influent the existence of traditional Islamic education institution such as Islamic boarding school. In this condition, directly or indirectly, it will influent the dynamics, roles, traditions, and existence of Islamic boarding school.

According to Cak Nur, from the history side, Islamic boarding school is not only identical with the meaning of Islam but also contains the original Indonesia because the institution which is similar to Islamic boarding school has been exist since Hindia-Belanda period. So, Islam continues the education or Islamize the education institution.

Based on Karel A. Steenbrinks research, on terminology, explained that if Islamic boarding school education seen from form and system, it came from India. Before spreading Islam in Indonesia, the system have applied for Hindus education. The different between Islamic education and Hindus education is education of grassroots in society. Islamic boarding school is understandable and applicable education, and also cultural maintenance based on Islam. It is the characteristic of Islamic Indonesian Archipelago.

Islamic boarding school is proof of Indonesian Archipelago legacy. The existence of Islamic boarding school as the oldest Islamic Indonesian Archipelago institution had admitted that it has contributions and big roles of Indonesia Independence. It had proven its existence becoming the dynamist in every process of history, nation, and character building. Islamic boarding school supposed producing unwordly life. But the opinion has been changed.

Nowadays, many people in Islamic boarding school become intellectual pioneer in Indonesia. Many years ago, there were many national heroes came from Islamic boarding school. For example KH Hasyim Ashary and other example the fourth president of Indonesia, Abdurrahman Wahid. When he was young he studied in Islamic boarding school and now he already built Islamic boarding school in Jombang. Also our beloved guardian, Mr. KH. Fadholan Musyaffa. He gives many contributions in education. When he studied in Islamic boarding school, then continued his study in Al Azhar, Egypt. He worked in Indonesia Embassy. He contributes as Indonesia researcher.

Now, Islamic boarding school as the civilization from several dimentions, the progress of Islamic boarding school is higher than other modern education institutions. The education in Islamic boarding school boarding school still exist which retains tradional teaching methol=d and some are slightly modern. But Islamic boarding schoolstill gievs priority un substance. They emphasize in management and empower the human resources in order to Islamic students are ready to face globalization and obstacle in life and culture building the nation to establish the Islamic students for saving NKRI. (Fauzia)