Friends Formed People Life Climate

Firendship can determine the quality of people life in majority. Source: Gogirl

Welcoming International Human Rights Day, today on Monday, 10th Desember writer remember a Maqolah on Kitab Alala as set of poetry of Kitab Talim al-Mutaalim which is in essence mentions advice of choosing a good friends in behavior to form system, pattern, custom, and habit as good as possible to our self. This message is a reflection that having a good friends will give good impact to each individual life. Therefore, in other Maqalah on the same Kitab mentioned that valuing people could be done by looking their friends custom or behavior. It is indicate an opposite meaning that keep away from friends who are bad is a choice.

Then, it is contradictory with the purpose of creating people, isnt it? That basically humans have been created to know each other, arent they? Which have implications of creation of friends relationships between one to other?

Surely no. Its gonna be like this. Its can not be seeing just by one sector, meanwhile still any other purposes of Sharia Islam; such as keep the minds, guard the soul, keep the offspring, keep the religion, guard the property, and any other etcetera which the event can be equated to these five points of maqasid Syariah.

Related to this, choosing a good friend in behavior is also included carrying out the purposes of Sharia (maqasid Syariah) like; maintain clarity of mind thinking, maintaining the sancity of the soul from bad influences, so it has implications for the ability to practice the values of religion, further more will impact to the quality of their offspring, as well as the usefulness of property that is in their control can be guaranteed.

Prophet Muhammad SAW had exiled himself from the frenzied atmosphere of Mecca at that time. He wents to Hira cave for calming down his soul and minds from Mecca environmental influence in order to get closer to Almighty all; Allah SWT. Thus, it can be said that the main purpose of formed Sharia and some other regulations in Islam is to give goodness (maslahah) for universe.

The purpose of human creation reflected in the Qur’an cannot be interpreted in a straightforward manner; that humans must know each other and make friends, not tied to anything including the good or bad of that person behavior. This may have an effect on the fading of goodness (maslahah) in life. Because after all, the friendship environment contributes greatly to the process of good and bad humans in growth and development.

Friendship that does not tied to any factor is the real indeed friendship concept. Cause humans in basic are social human being (zoon piliticon), that is depend each other. So that, indirectly humans cannot avoid a relations between one to other for any reason. As one well-known cultural observer, Cak Nun, said, that dont be picky in friendships, anyone should be seen as equal as to being a friend.

It’s true what Cak Nun said. This is to avoid social jealousy. However, what Cak Nun said may only can be done by those who have strong principle in iman. It is not impossible, because of still having an ordinary iman instead of giving a good influence we will be carried away by the environment that is not good.

Or in the other possibility, Cak Nun wants to say that making a friendships relations with anyone is enough by maintain a relations, omit unharmed characters, mutual respect, and so on. So that, making a friends with anyone is not only by be there anytime or anywhere where they were, but also by just keeping a relations; that it can be do by not be a close friends but just a friends.

Freedom of Determines a Relations

Then, what is relation between friendships and human rights? Human rights (HAM) are rights of every human being who have been present since in the womb. So, even without any human rights declaration everyone has their rights as a living thing, social being, and so on. But, however the declaration is important cause without respect and implementation of human rights cannot be as good as after the declaration.

HAM gives concept of freedom to every person to get it rights which is the implementation must be guaranteed by government. It is indicated that the creation of friendship relation cannot be forced by anyone and because of anything. Each human being has a freedom to determine certain classification of its friendship they want to make.

Maqolah on Kitab Alala to gather with people who are good in temperament and keep away from people with bad temperament is an advice also reflection to us. Because choosing friendships is the right of every individual. Therefore it is not right if only silently pondered contemplating the situation. It is possible to move to a new environment, a friendship environment that has good influence, can change the quality of our previous lives.

So it is not an untruth of having a certain classification in friends. Because basically everyone has guaranteed the right to determine the direction of his life. And that there is no absolute truth in this world. Because what has been considered as absolute truth should be a false truth. Truth is subjective. Everyone has their own truth. As Imam Syafi’i said, “Maybe I was right but it could be wrong, and maybe you were wrong but it could be true”. The author would like to say; “Happy celebrating International Human Rights Day”. Enjoy the blessings given by God in the form of rights that have been attached since in the womb.

by: Afif Maulana A.K (people who like to be Chelsea fan)


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